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    WLKPN, Episode 02

    WLKPN, Episode 02

    Keep an ear out for the several even “100’s” (i.e 500, 600, etc) that crop up in this action-packed episode!
    Episode 1: WLKPN: A New Hope

    Episode 1: WLKPN: A New Hope

    As many of you will no doubt have already realized, a new World’s Largest Known Prime Number was discovered a couple of weeks ago (January 7, 2016). As it turns out,  2^74,207,281-1 just so happens to be prime, eclipsing the previously largest (poor puny 2^57,885, 161-1) by a quite a wide margin. We hadn’t completed reading...
    Introducing: Long Conversations with People You've Never Heard of but Probably Should

    Introducing: Long Conversations with People You’ve Never Heard of but Probably Should

    Are you a little tired of reading writing about art which mostly just copies and pastes what you could have read in the press release? Are you tired of artists representing themselves only through calculated twitter feeds and facebook posts? Do you ever wonder what is really going through the minds of the people who...

    Meg Hitchcock Panel Discussion

    Gallery Director Benjamin Evans will be hosting an artist talk with Meg Hitchcock on the subject of art and spirituality on Sunday, October 27th at Studio 10 gallery in Bushwick. Hitchcock bravely breaks the unspoken taboo in the artworld prohibiting any non-ironic investigation of faith,as her work skillfully weaves together texts from multiple faith traditions...

    Meg Hitchcock: The Land of Bliss at Studio 10

    Good news! Internationally celebrated artist and past Projective City collaborator Meg Hitchcock will be showing some new work in a solo show at Studio 10 Gallery in Bushwick. The show runs from October 11th to November 10th, and the opening reception is FRIDAY, OCT. 11th from 7-9pm   For hours and location, see their website...

    Sookoon Ang to show at ParisScope

    We’re extremely pleased to announce that Sookoon Ang will be creating a wonderful new work for our ParisScope Gallery. Taking her crystaline bread sculptures to new heights, Ang will be creating one of the world’s largest seeming loafs of bread. The show is currently scheduled for April 25 – July 3, 2013 – Stay tuned...

    Photos from the exhibit: Révision Périphérique

    Installation by Heather Johnson Installation by James Reeder Installation by James Reeder Installations by Ross Racine Installations by Jeremie Lenoir Installation by The Arbour Lake Scgool (sic)

    Photos from the exhibit: Les Voyages des Onironautes

    Installations by Miranda Maher Installations by Miranda Maher
    Pick of the Week in Le Cool

    Pick of the Week in Le Cool

    Nice! We were made the pick of the week by this awesome very HORIZONAL magazine called “Le Cool”. They do what they do very well, and they seem to do it just about everywhere except New York! Oh well, they’re still cool. Check out their product, and the clip on Geraud Soulhiol’s exhibtion below!

    Photos from the exhibit: Vanités by Géraud Soulhiol

    Photos from the exhibit: If lightning fell on low places

    Photos from the exhibit: If lightning fell on low places

    Installation of Jaclyn Conley Installation of Siobhan McBride
    Article on Art'ilt about exhibition!

    Article on Art’ilt about exhibition!

    Fabienne Saque of Art’ilt did a great write-up of If Lightning Falls on Low Places! Even if you don’t speak (or read) french, it includes a great video (scroll all the way to the bottom) which documents this candlelit exhibition in a way that photos can’t. I’m not at my most articulate, but I think...