logo-prime-number-square 2016As many of you will no doubt have already realized, a new World’s Largest Known Prime Number was discovered a couple of weeks ago (January 7, 2016). As it turns out,¬† 2^74,207,281-1 just so happens to be prime, eclipsing the previously largest (poor puny¬†2^57,885, 161-1) by a quite a wide margin. We hadn’t completed reading this number out loud by the time the new one was discovered, so it seems we ought to start all over again. Who wants to hear about the world’s SECOND largest known prime number? With this in mind, we are pleased to present a re-boot of our popular podcast series. Episodes will be released in the order they are completed – we suggest you subscribe so they will be automatically downloaded, so you will be able to catch all the millions and millions of episodes we have planned.

Happy listening!