March 29 – June 2, 2012
Opening: Thursday, March 29, 6-8pm

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“I heard myself close my eyes, then open them.”
(Loys Masson, Icare ou le Voyage)

James Reeder’s subtle investigation of looming, portentous things lurking in our peripheral vision is a complex portrayal of both literal and psychological space. Behind us, as dark forms gather on various horizons, we feel a sense of ominous power and smell the scent of an approaching storm. Yet when we turn to confront these clouds, they have disappeared or shifted to somewhere we cannot quite see. Against these nameless, void anxieties, our defenses appear unsuitable, yet built with conviction and urgency.

Reeder’s ambitious work results from a complex process that includes drawing, sculpture, photography, and installation. Drawings lead to small constructions. Those constructions are often photographed and the photos recombined and incorporated into more complex constructions that once again include drawing. Spatial assumptions are routinely ignored, as miniature elements (a shard of glass, a scrap of wool, a crack in the pavement) take on momentous proportions, while glowering sources of massive potential energy simmer quietly in the corners.

We struggle to occupy Reeder’s spaces, yet they remain intimately familiar. In his words, “My photographs and installations attempt to merge perception and reality and fix the bits of evidence in mind as proof and confirmation.” This urgent desire for some kind of “proof” in the face of generally overwhelming natural phenomena, and the hubris of expecting an explanation of the world is the mystery at the core of Reeder’s practice.

James Reeder currently lives in Bushwick, NY. He was born in Grand Ledge, MI, and graduated from Pacific Union College in CA. He has been included in dozens of exhibitions in New York and beyond. In the last two years, exhibition venues include, Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery, Bushwick, NY; Storefront Gallery, Bushwick, NY; NURTUREArt, Brooklyn, NY; and Laundromat Gallery in Toyko & Bushwick. Solo exhibition venues include Lesley Heller Workspace NYC; A.M. Richard Fine Art in Brooklyn, CA, and ATA Window Gallery in San Francisco, CA. His work has been reviewed on and his pieces have been reproduced in Photography Quarterly.