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General Information:

For our visitors in New York:

Projective City has embarked on a fantastic new collaboration with New York gallery Mixed Greens. Through a “ParisScope” in Mixed Greens, viewers in New York will now be able to peer into Projective City’s newest Parisian gallery space! Operating as a kind of alchemical experiment into the possibilities of “action at a distance,” viewers are able to peer into (but obviously not enter) the space which appears both thousands of miles away and inches from their noses—to mystically be both HERE and THERE simultaneously.

Door peephole copyThis unique gallery collaboration aims to showcase original installations by new artists from all over the world. The project  allows artists unprecedented, hands-on control over the gallery space, and focuses on ambitious solo installations that often transform the entire gallery space.

The project is also unusual in forming a collaboration between galleries, in which a smaller gallery is given space and time within another. Rather than the competitive environment of the market, the collaboration creates an atmosphere of mentorship and creative energy.

Finally, because viewers in New York are only able to see the show through a fixed, single-eye, the series generates an odd sense of both voyeurism and displacement. Eschewing the idea of allowing the viewer the space to interact freely with the work, viewers’ experience is rigidly controlled and actively manipulated, deliberately posing the question of what freedom and art have to do with each other in the first place.

Come see the show the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Plagans compared flatteringly to a cigar! Listen to this effusive praise: “What you see is a slightly blurry image of some tree branches painted yellow, and off to one side a large, unframed, curling photograph hanging above a stack of red and gray somethings-or-other.” And since then, things have gotten EVEN BLURRIER! (By the way Mr. Plagans, there is no video involved!)

Pour nos visiteurs en France:

En fait, il n’y a pas de galerie à Paris. Tout se passe à l’intérieur de la galerie Mixed Greens! Mais nous prenons un malin plaisir à induire les gens en erreur, leur faisant croire qu’ils observent une véritable galerie à Paris! Ha!  Pas très fute-fute ces américains! Mais sérieusement, l’objectif est plus de créer un sentiment de surprise et d’émerveillement que de proposer une blague. Ce format permet visiteurs de New York de créer un nouvel espace qui n’existe que dans leur imagination, tout en permettant aux artistes de réaliser des installations possibles nulle part ailleurs.

Malheureusement, nous ne sommes pas très actifs à Paris en ce moment, ayant pourtant vraiment apprécié les expositions que nous y avons réalisées. Il se peut bien même que nous retournions en France dans un proche avenir. Gardez un œil sur cet encart pour de plus amples détails à venir!

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